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20 March 2013 @ 12:37 am
Thorn Lily Chapter 1 Part 1  
Sorry for the lack of updates!! Been bogged down by so much work recently ): For those of you following my new community, THANK YOU <3 I haven't forgotten about egashiyeon haha don't worry! Here's chapter 1 of Thorn Lily :D Not that you guys haven't read it already /gets shot

Ah... Only after seeing him did I realize how pathetic I must look. I let out an involuntary sigh at how handsome he looked. Taking over his father's company really made him more mesmerizing than before. Dressed in a suit and a matching tie, complete with a striped dress shirt and smart-looking glasses, he looked stunning. Even though he lost a lot of weight since I last saw him, his thinner frame suits his age and he looked much more mature than before.

Ah! I had to hold my hand to my mouth to stop myself from sighing over and over again at Yunho's new image.

The fact that we both disliked sweet stuff hasn't changed, so we ordered the same dishes that we would have ordered before. Even though it's been a long time since we last met, we didn't need to exchange greetings at all - it's written on our faces. This is how we greet each other. It's an unwritten agreement, the result of us surviving on each other in the past. I guess this is the gifts of reuniting after that stark white blank that filled the gap when we were separated?

Though we once loved each other with fiery passion, I never forgot that those were just mere memories. It's me who forgot to kill my love for you, and yet you seem a lot more distant than before. He fixed a cold glare at my striking hair color. Is he annoyed by it? He stared at it for a long time before he finally met my gaze. I have no idea why was he doing all that. As he glared at me, I felt myself crumble under the intensity of his glare, and I hurriedly averted my eyes.

The way he looked at me was different. I could tell that his wound had yet to heal. I shifted my gaze downwards, but the shiny thing on his finger stuck out like a sore thumb.

Ah... You've gotten married, haven't you?

"You've been discharged?"
"Yup. I feel much better now. At that time... Just to get this thing out of me, you have no idea what I went though. See? It still looks a bit swollen, and I can't bite with that part of my mouth at all."
"Have you... contacted your parents?"
"My face doesn't look swollen, does it? I didn't grow fatter, it's all because of the swelling! I'm eating a lot less now and abstaining from food past 6pm, just like girls when they are dieting."
"Jaejoong ah..."
"I just wanted to see you."

Hearing my words, he frowned and a look of distraught clouded his expression. Even his sharp gaze changed for a moment. It looked as if he was holding something back, so much that his appearance could change entirely like this. Still, I like how he looks at the moment too.

A narrow face, gleaming eyes, a high nose bridge, and full lips that I had always admired. This is the Jung Yunho that I love, and I wanted to see it flush red again like it did when we were young. I wanted so much to just reach out and caress his cheeks - the distance between us right now is really rather annoying.

Because I was afraid that he would read my thoughts, I chattered in circles, avoiding the topic. He understands me well enough to know what I'm up to.

He remained silent, pondering. I guess he probably saw through my devious little heart? I guess something like this can't possibly come between us.

"I'm serious! It's true! I came to look for you the moment I left the hospital because I miss you so badly."
"You should have said so earlier."

He raised his glass to his lips, that hand with the ring looking like it could have been part of a painting. Even though he wore a wedding band, I still noticed his hands first. Those finger joints - they had once worked their way inside me, had once grasped my weakness so firmly. It's a hand that brought me unimaginable pleasure, so don't even think of casting me aside with just one lousy ring.

"I have nowhere else to go, so I had to contact you."

He laughed. Maybe I should have hidden the shopping bags by my feet first before I tried to lie?

Yunho's gaze shifted between me and the bags, mocking me, stamping on my pride. It's always been like this. Even after 2 years, my Jung Yunho is still as beautiful as ever, and I still played the meek role. Nothing much has changed.

"Call your parents! And maybe you should get a house of your own. If you need contacts, I can help you."
"I hate how they always treat me like a patient...!"

Wasn't it you who saved me from that filthy place? Do you really intend to cast me back there again? Are you really cruel enough to manipulate people's hearts? You're not that kind of person, are you? Or I would've known, right? Can you stop being like this?

"Or you could check into uncle's hotel."
"He's not my family. It's all thanks to him that I'm in this state right now!"

I wanted to kiss those tightly-shut lips right now. In the past, when we had nothing better to do, when we were alone, I would feel the same urge as I do now. To kiss him... and moisten his lips with my saliva.

Don't tell me that you don't like me anymore! Even if I hated you, you can never say the same to me!

"I hate this... I can't fall asleep in places that I'm not familiar with..."

I tried pleading with him in a way I knew he couldn't resist. He used to say that I sound like a cat when I cry, very annoying but very cute at the same time. But more than my high pitch begging, he likes the sound I make when I'm beneath him so much more...

"I'll be nice to your wife and treat her kindly..."
"I won't do anything stupid..."

His expression started to soften. See? He can't resist me at all! Even if you try wearing a mask to face me, your expression would still betray your thoughts. There's no way you can put up an act in front of me - I know that all too well. He took off his spectacles and massaged his brow bone, before standing up abruptly. I quickly grabbed my shopping bags and followed him.

Our footsteps echoed loudly behind us as I followed him like a little child. He still looks the same from behind. Ah~ Even the back of his head looks so handsome! His hair was trimmed perfectly, his broad shoulders completing his smart looks - a perfect man indeed! I wanted to hug him from behind so badly.

He stood at the cashier, watching the girl take his cash. So he'd learned how to ogle at such things while I was gone! How dare he! I don't want him to look at anyone else in that way, even for a second! He took his change and left the restaurant, and I followed closely behind. I had deposited my luggage elsewhere, and it was a long walk. I started feeling dizzy as I hadn't been eating much, but Yunho seemed as if he was glowing under the glaring sun. Seeing him like this, I couldn't even smile because I was so jealous! I was jealous of every little thing that entered his sight, but they aren't even half as pretty as me! So why can't I even smile? I had no idea.

Yunho walked on ahead with a stoic expression. The summer heat is killing me! I was so close to fainting under this foul weather, but I had to endure it all. I struggled with all my belongings as I walked into the car park, panting as I searched for him. And then, a car came to a stop in front of me.

Ah... I'm so happy I could die right now! It's a Mercedes-Benz that suited his image perfectly. I had once told him that if I ever went to work, my first car would definitely be a Mercedes. He remembered all these little things that I said... This must be happiness! Even my headache disappeared at the thought of how, with every turn of the car key and every time he drove, I was on his mind.

I grabbed the handle of the car door but it refused to budge. He wound down the car window, but he wasn't looking at me, his beautiful face marred by a deep frown. I showed him the luggage in my hands.

"Yunho ah! Open the door! I'm really exhausted..."

He completely ignored me, and he didn't look as if he intended to let me into the car. He bit his lip, and his expression was unreadable.

Standing under the scorching sun with an empty stomach, my body was almost at its limits. I could feel the strong waves of fatigue nagging at me, and yet he refused to look me in the eye. He's changed so much while we were separated. Perhaps he's worn out? Seeing the child-like me probably shook his conviction.

"Are you angry at me? Are you really mad... I'm tired too, so can we please don't do this...?"
"I'm burning up, don't you see? I really want you inside me right now, Yunho ah..."

I was leaning upon the car window, so I caught him mumbling to himself. To me, hearing his voice whisper into my ears is the best way to calm me down. I don't care for anything else in the world, because you're the only one who can bring me happiness.

"You want me too, don't you? You want to put it inside me right? Shall we drop by a hotel now? Hm?"

Liar! You actually want to pin me beneath you, and then lick me all over...

Even though I'm having such dirty thoughts, I was really worn out. When the shiny Mercedes drove out of the car park away from me, I really had no strength left to do anything else. I dragged my belongings out of the place back into the sweltering heat. Is the sun trying to melt me as well? It's so damn hot! I was panting so hard that I had trouble breathing, and I struggled to walk on as I took a right turn...

Yunho ah... You've forgotten how much I hate the sun, haven't you...?
4evexd4everxd on March 19th, 2013 07:13 pm (UTC)
Spooooot :D Oh my god do you know much I love your translation? It's like reading a new thing even though I know everything it's like I am having only bits of it! Yay one more time ^^ Man, the meanings hidden in this fic still get me. In the begining I didn't understand them but now...it's perfect! *hugs* Update soon! :)
aya_sakine on March 19th, 2013 10:38 pm (UTC)
Thank you a lot potecchi♥!

Who is my favorite girl? You are (?) xD

I feel like the first time~ really... Yunho continues to look like something rude ...

But now, knowing why, Jaejoong seems a little insensitive ...

^ ^ Oh seriously looking forward to the next update and also the new chapter of Poison Bird :3
redsky6002redsky6002 on March 20th, 2013 01:13 pm (UTC)
yeaaaayy.. ^o^
I'll re-read this again for u.. XD

LOL at this...
"I won't do anything stupid..."
hahahaha u're soooo wrong baby Jae...... XDD
@appleCLchjbb on March 24th, 2013 08:49 am (UTC)
Hi there, your translation's so brilliant :-bd
It's not the first time I read the fic of Maio in English, but the very first time I feel such emotional feelings like that :D
I know, the fic has had to go a super long way from Korean to Chinese, then to English, but reading your translation really makes me want to translate it, once more, into Vietnamese. I hope u'll give me your permission to do this. I promise I will note your name clearly and link to this Livejournal. Otherwise, it's ok to me. I'll keep supporting this project as well as others of yours (I've just started reading Poison Bird, it's good, dear ^^).
Waiting for your reply. Thank u so much :d
anemone_seaanemone_sea on March 25th, 2013 01:30 pm (UTC)
Did you translate it from Chinese? I mean, from original TY?
I wonder who Maio is, what kind person of her xD kkkkk
realyunjaerealyunjae on April 19th, 2014 03:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you for translating this fic :)iam really glad I can finally read it ~